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Join the French leader in the e-cigarette industry
Zero royalties. Zero upfront cost.
Manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories, and concept store.
Join us! Set yourself apart from the competition in the vaping industry with exclusive product lines only available in JWELL stores.
Our Concept
Joining the JWELL group affords you access to a vast range of new and exclusive products, from e-cigarettes to e-liquids. Every product designed by our team has been diligently tailored to meet the needs of your clients, be they novice vapers or experts, and with our already long-established and celebrated brand identity, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

JWell proudly bears the designation of ‘French Origin Guaranteed’ for all e-liquids made in our production plant
in the Ile de France region, a facility which allows us to offer a comprehensive catalogue of flavours ranging
from tobacco to menthol, fruits to cocktails, and even a unique line of gourmet liquids..

Varied nicotine concentrations to meet the needs of every type of vaper, from 0mg to 20mg of classic ‘freebase’
nicotine as well as a range of products containing ‘nicotine salts’.

Bottled e-liquids in a variety of formats : 10ml, 50ml, 70ml, 100ml…All of our e-liquid products are delivered next-day from our warehouse in Paris.

Join Europe’s number 1 network
JWell will be at your side from the start of your project onwards, guiding you through and ensuring your chances of maximum success. Each and every JWell franchise benefits from an extensive technical and commercial training programme carried out by our in-house instructors.
Why join J WELL?
The only brand to offer an exclusive product range
Join the J Well group
To join the JWell group is to partner with a manufacturer able to offer terms to beat the competition and thrive in the industry.
Zero upfront cost.
Dedicated architect
Furniture at factory cost
Our franchise offer is available from €15000 based on the size of your business.
Our expert advisers will be delighted to present our concept in more detail, ready to guide your project through its initial stages to its first store opening. Through our partnership contract, we offer exclusive guidance and mentoring throughout the entire life of our collaboration. We place at your disposal our industry-leading brand image, our product catalogue and our network, all in the service of the development and success of your business. We offer a market-leading network under whose guidance our partners can develop, flourish and realise their objectives.
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